Photography Tours in India

Travelling in India leaves you with memories that will never leave you. The people, food, culture, ambience, picturesque views and bustling cities provide hundreds of photography locations to record the stories, sights and experiences of your stay. India is the perfect environment to hone your photography skills in every kind of environment.

The best way to do capture these moments are through photography tours, regardless of your skill level. Whether on a general or specific focus photography tour, you will benefit from each other’s photography experience and expertise whilst gaining knowledge about the places you visit.

Photography tours range from one week to four weeks. Our most important tip is: ensure you have spare memory cards and batteries.

Nature photography tours in India

India has forty-four national parks, four hundred and forty wildlife sanctuaries, forty-two tiger reserves and eighteen biosphere reserves to challenge your photographic techniques to capture wild animals on the move whether lion, tiger or Asian elephant.

Picture the scenic beauty of the lush green forests, the snow-capped Himalayan ranges or the desert sands of the west. Capture India's diverse flora and fauna as you go. Watch any of the thousand-plus species of birds including three hundred rare birds including the White-tailed eagle. Not forgetting the hundreds of butterflies and reptiles you'll see. Your guide will share with you not just photographic skills, but also the importance of biodiversity within India's wildlife and environment conservation.

Environmental Photography Tours in India

For photographers who want to increase awareness of the need for change to protect our environment, a guided environmental photography tour is for you. Tours usually cover a variety of places and regions, including areas of natural beauty.

Indian History and Culture

Capture the essence of Indian history and culture in your mind as well as your photographs. With a large rural population you can observe the women washing clothes on one side of the lake, the men washing their buffaloes on the opposite side.

Throughout India you can photograph monuments, historic places of interest, festivals, culture and landscapes. Photography Tours of Kumbh Mela are spectacular. Kumbh Mela is the largest religious gathering on earth. Over thirty million individuals take a dip in holy water. Our tip is to create images of Sadhus, priests and ladies dipping into the holy water of the Ganges.


Delhi is a wonderful place for a cultural photography tour in India. The years of rule of different dynasties and the settlement of people from different sects have made Delhi an interesting mix of culture. The best time to visit are the holidays of Diwali, Holi and Dusshera.

Tribal photography tours in India

India has one of the largest tribal population on the planet with their own customs and traditions. Villages filled with colours, customs, commotion, people, places of interest and rituals provide photographers with many opportunities to take unique photographs whether that be a woman dancing in a ghagra choli or young children in uniforms walking to school.

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Taj Mahal India Delhi
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