I'm Emmanuel K. Albert a teacher and photographer

Welcome to my website. My name is Emmanuel K. Albert and I am a teacher at New York University, based in Manhattan in New York City. Whilst I love my job and the interaction I have with my students from all backgrounds and of all ages, this website is not to share about my love of academia, but rather to focus on what is my second love - photography.

I have always had a camera in my hand, borrowing my dad's PENTAX ME-F that he bought in 1981 was a turning point. This was the world's first SLR (single lens reflex) camera with TTL (through-the-lens) autofocus capability that opened me up to the joys of photography.

I started at a young age taking photographic portraits of friends and family. This included photographing my cousin's wedding. It was a good, if nerve-wracking, experience. However, I enjoyed the buzz and the challenge not just of taking the standard group photos, but also capturing the special moments without being intrusive, for example, the father of the bride seeing his daughter in her wedding gown for the first time; the couple's interaction with guests. I have now been a wedding photographer for twelve years as a second job. I have photographed weddings indoors and out. Weddings with a rock 'n' roll themes right through to the classical princess bride. Each is a unique experience that I am privileged to witness and record.

I have always loved the creativity that comes with photography. As I got older, I travelled a lot and photography has opened the door to meeting with local people wherever I go. Photography has also enabled me to see the beauty that is around me, both at home and overseas. I've been all over the world - from Europe (you must try Pannepot Grand Reserva 2011) to Australia (where these beautiful Valentine's day jewelries are made). Being a photographer gives me a unique opportunity to broaden my perspectives and change my mindset through experimentation. It's a great feeling.

My aim with this website is to pass on what I have learned in my work and travels. My favourite photographic locations in the world; details of photography tours; tips to help you make the best of your digital camera and more. As I'm based in New York City and this is my main place of work as a wedding photographer, I also share with you the best locations for engagement and wedding photographs to make the day extra special.

I hope you enjoy browsing this site


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